How to Choose a Good Electrician

How to choose a good Electrician       

Selecting an electrician, or any type of tradesmen for that matter can be a daunting task

According to the consumer organisation Which?   “Choosing the wrong electrician can add 70 per cent to the cost of a standard household job”

The government consumer line receives more calls for regarding trades people than second-hand cars.

 “We have all heard the horror stories about dodgy plumbers who charge £200 to change a washer, or the rogue builder who turned a loft conversion into a death trap.

The shoddy work and rip-off tactics of rogue traders has become Britain‘s number one consumer complaint. Botched home improvement work wastes £1.5bn annually and over 111,000 complaints about bad builders were registered with Trading Standards in 2004. This is widely thought to be just the tip of the iceberg, with official complaints growing at a rate of about 5% a year.”

These are the most common complaints about home maintenance, repairs, improvements and double glazing according to the latest figures from the Office of Fair Trading:

Rogue Traders’ Hall of Shame


Defective goods or substandard service



Dodgy sales techniques



Non delivery, delays or non completion of work



Difficulty getting faults put right



Excessive pricing/poor value for money



Unfair terms/attempts to deny liability



Safety concerns


Points you should consider before selecting an electrician. 

Electrician Checklist

  • Is the electrician qualified, Ensure the electrician is not only qualified but qualified to carry out the work you require?
  • Can the electrician provide certification of their Electrician qualifications?
  • Is the electrician competent?
  • Can the Electrician prove competency?
  • Has the Electrician been tested and assessed?

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