Create a Chic Bud Vase Out of an Old Light Bulb

We love ideas on how to reuse old tech especially old light bulbs. It’s the marriage of our values, our creativity, and our business. Upcycling old electrical products. Perfect.

This project from ReadyMade is an uncommon, fantastic use for the old light bulb, a bud vase.  This project is inexpensive and trendy.  Using an old incandescent light bulb and 2 feet of 3/32-inch aluminum welding rod, Tim Park, has created a modern looking bud vase.

The project requires a few simple tools, small needle-nose pliers, 1/4-inch Allen wrench, a small hammer, leather work gloves, and safety glasses. The  cost of the materials for this project: $5.

We love this project. And, we would love to see your completed projects – anything that reuses old light bulbs. Send us your pictures and links!

For the complete instructions check out Lightbulb Bud Vase.

[images Marty Baldwin for ReadyMade]


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