Duty Calls.

The pants. They need a changin’.


Duty Calls.

The pants they need a changin’.

Hey guys. Let’s face it. Changing diapers stinks. But, it doesn’t mean you have to change your style, too. Or that, your baby has to change hers. We offer a range of services from hanging chandeliers to adding additional outlets to retrofitting all outlets with child proof covers to adding dimmers to… well, you name it.

We can do it all kinds of things to personalize you and baby’s diaper disposing space.

So, don’t go a changin’ in some new fashion. We’ll do the changin’ while you and baby stay just the way you are – in an illuminated, posh little nursery that is just like you. It’s healthy and sanitary, too.

When duty calls.  Call redbpower to get the nursery’s electrical needs in order.  You will be glad that you did because you will be changin’ in a fun, festive, atmosphere that is just like your home – and somewhere that is, ut hum, well illuminated for goodness sakes.

*photos and fab design work via Little Crown Interiors*
For Nursery Light Design Inspiration check out lil sugar or, Creative Baby Nursery Rooms.

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