Ceiling Fans Save You Money

ceiling fan, originally uploaded by rx1031.

Ceiling Fans Save You Money.

Did you know that ceiling fans save you energy in the summer? In summer, running a ceiling fan creates “wind-chill” on your skin. If run counter-clockwise (to avoid pulling warm air down from the ceiling), it lowers the temperature for occupants by one or two degrees. These degrees can be “bought” for less energy than with an air conditioner. And, of course, as the fan cools you rather than the air, it only needs to run when you’re in the room.

Ceiling fans come in a range of styles: fancy and simple, indoor and outdoor, with lights and without. Pick out your favorite one and let the electricians at redbpower install before the summer heat hit’s Statesboro and South Georgia.

Links: How to Choose The Best Ceiling Fan For Your Needs, House Beautiful May 2010 Ceiling Fan Issue,


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