TV Shame. Where’s Your Telly?

I’ve never fathomed the need to hide a television — but I also know that there are tons of people who will go to great lengths to hide, disguise and camouflage their boobtubes. Hiding the television can be more social, and according to some better interior design.

Apartment Therepy has an innovative list of products to help you – ut.hum. shhhh…hide. your. telly.

If you want to reserve your box-eye in safe harbor until your favorite show, we can help install, hang and order these products (including the TV’s).  

If you have television shame, call redbpower . We can put your set in it’s place.  Your audio, receivers, and screens will be in the shadows.

Best of all, we work with complete confidentiality. In fact, we won’t whisper to a soul about the skeleton in the cupboard.

 Here is Apartment Therepy’s list of some new products to hide televisions.  

1 Art Lift from Media Decor uses your own original art to hide your TV and then expose it with the aid of a remote control. Three levels of precision and silence available — at three different price points.
2 Flash Light TV by Denis Santachiara — a 23″ TV and DVD player hidden in a lamp. Available from Roche Bobois.
3 Trendir | Integrated Cabinet Door TV by Luxurite — depending on the cabinet door finish the TV can be completely invisible when off.
4 IKEA BESTA TV storage combo with sliding doors — tons of storage and finish options for hiding your television.
5 Aqua Decor Series by Media Decor — a mirror with less reflectivity but the TV is invisible when turned off.

Do you hide your TV, yes or no?

If you have pictures, we would LOVE to see them.

What’s your secret?  Come on. It’s confidential. We promise not to disclose your favorite television stash.

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