Electrical HUH? How to Decode Electronic Symbols

If you’re going to become a DIY pro and take on tasks like a touchscreen kitchen computer or an LED-backlit bar, you’d better know what all the different electronic symbols mean. We’ve found a site that can help you successfully decode the squiggles from the zig-zags and all the stuff in between.

If you’re going to pretend to be an electrical whiz, you’d better brush up on your electrical symbols. Before you mistake a preset resistor for a variable resistor and burn the house down*, check out Electrical What?!

ElectricalWhat.com allows you to search for English-word translations of common electrical symbols.

Narrow down the defined symbols by shapes (Does it have a triangle or circle?), attributes (Dotted lines or a plus sign?), the number of illustrated terminals or geometry (Zig zags? Bumps or loops?) to find exactly what you’re looking for and finish that project without accident or injury.

*Starting a fire may or may not be the result of such a careless mistake, but we’re sure not knowledgeable enough to know. Hence why we need Electrical What?! in the first place.

via Apartment Therepy and Make Use Of


(Images: Ada Fruit and design scouting)


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