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Home Theater Magazine attended the same show that we went to (2010 CEDIA Expo) a few weeks ago. In fact, they posted a great show report. There was so much information at the event that it is difficult to break down and share, which is why we haven’t done a very good job. Despite the difficulty, Darryl Wilkinson from Home Theater Magazine wrote this  great article about Wi-fi that vended at the show.

If you’re having trouble with routers and multiple access points in your home Wi-Fi network (as I am), Luxul Wireless says they have a solution for you with the company’s whole-home Wi-Fi network installation products. Luxul’s Pro-WAV products can increase the coverage area of 802.11b/g Wi-Fi gear by an astounding 400 percent; and Luxul says they can provide coverage for 10,000 square feet of home (or more) with a single access point. That means you’ll have seamless roaming of iPods/iPads, fewer wireless access points, and expanded usage of Wi-Fi throughout the home – all from products that can be mounted in a closet or attic.

The photo at the top is from the magazine. If you are interested, you can see our pics in our photo album. We didn’t take many but we did get a few,  like this picture of Brian beside the world’s largest television! 🙂


And, another CEDIA Show winner is Leon Speakers who had the Baddest Audio Demo, check it out!


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