Hot Tub Installation

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Rub a Dub. Dub. It’s time to relax and get in the Hot Tub.
Congratulations. You have a brand new hot tub.  Our certified electricians are ready to get you soaking in the sauna. Your hot tub needs to be professionally wired to your electrical system.  redbpower have over 11 years experience performing all forms of electrical service.  As certified electrical contractors covering the entire South Georgia and South Carolina area,  want to get your hot tub safely and professionally hummuming right away!
Our hot tub installation service includes: 
  • Confirmation that your current electrical service can safely supply the necessary power to your hot tub.
  • An assessment of the manufacturer and type of hot tub to determine electrical materials and tools – performed by our electricians.
  • Your verification of placement and positioning of the hot tub – performed by your wife.
  • Install and configure all wires, conduit and hardware needed to make the electrical connection – done by an electrician with years experience with wiring.
  • Install appropriately sized breaker (typically 50 Amperes, 240 Volts) installed in main electrical panel.
  • Install correctly sized disconnect (GFCI protected) within sight of hut tub
  • All necessary wiring, conduit and hardware from GFCI disconnect to hot tub.
  • Connection of wiring to the hot tub
  • Verify and check all connections to ensure your hot tub is safely grounded
  • Restoration of power to all circuits that may have be off during installation
  • Your complete satisfaction with redbpower  guaranteed.

We proudly offer Hot Tub installation in the Greater Savannah Area including: Statesboro, Savannah, Claxton, Richmond Hill, Pooler, Portal, Brooklet and we are licensed in South Carolina, too.

If you need ideas for hot tubs, check out this gallery.

photo thanks to janica chung

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