Easy Glowing Ghosts

milk jug ghost, originally uploaded by lizardnladybug.

We admit this isn’t a traditional post from an electrician. But, these cute, easy-t0-make, inexpensive, and fun decorations caught our eye because they do, afterall, use electricity. redbpower can help with this little project if, maybe, you need an outdoor outlet to run your lights to, or something. But, otherwise this is just a fun-how-to-make-your-halloween-glow post.

Easy Glowing Ghost

Things You’ll Need:
     Empty milk jugs
     Flameless candles, or strands of Christmas Tree Lights 
     Paint or permanent black marker
1  Clean and Dry the milk jug. Paint or draw a face on the front side of the jug, keeping the handle as the back. Let dry for a couple of minutes.

2  Use the knife to cut a hole the size of your fist on the back of the jug – out of sight.

via idahoourtown

3  Place the flameless candle or light strands inside the jug. These can be found in most stores in the Halloween section and will be safer than real candles.

4  Set up wherever you desire and watch them glow in the dark!

Tips & Warnings    Kids will love this craft. Be sure to involve them in making the faces and be as creative as you want.  This project is not just limited to ghosts, but all kinds of  monsters can also be formed. Use your imagination. Keep knives away from children and be cautious while cutting the back of the jug. It can be tricky.  Do not use real candles. They will melt the jug and may be a safety hazard.

Skip To My Lou has a great Hanging Lantern Ghost Tutorial that also uses light bulbs and recycled materials.


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