Three Reasons To Use Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting 

If you’ve ever driven past a home with landscape lighting at night, it probably caught your eye. Not only is landscape lighting beautiful, there are other benefits too. Electric landscape lights provide the most benefit, but there are some powerful solar landscape lights that are equally effective. Choose what works best for you, your home and your budget.

Three reasons you should use landscape lighting in your landscape design plan.

Landscape lighting is visually attractive. When placed correctly throughout the front yard, landscape lighting accentuates your home and landscape in such away it draws attention to focal points. The brickwork you enjoy is highlighted and that special ornamental tree stands out even more when illuminated. Your hard work in the garden will be enjoyed even at night with strategically placed garden landscape lights.

Landscape lighting provides security. A well-lit house cuts down on the chances that your home will be a target for burglars. The lighting draws attention to the house increasing the chance that passersby and neighbors would see a burglar in action. Burglars will want to operate their bad deeds in the cover of darkness, not flock toward the light. With landscape lighting, when you arrive home at night you can see your house, look for shadows and feel more confident that someone isn’t lurking around the perimeter of your home.

Landscape lighting adds value. Even if your home is modest, landscape lighting can give it a bit more character and charm. It shows that you are proud of your home and appreciate what it has to offer. By using electric or solar lighting to accentuate the positives, you add value to your property. You will also have an advantage when it comes time to sell your house because the landscape lighting will already be installed for the next homeowner.

Now that you know the three benefits of landscape lighting, take your garden, your home and your patio into night! 

photo via homebuilding co.


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