Where do I put the speakers?

One question that we are often asked is,

“where do I put the speakers?”

 There are a lot of factors. One important thing to  remember is that  when setting up your speakers the room plays a key role in the system sound quality. Your room’s shape, layout, and where the speakers are placed are all factors that will affect performance.

 So, you want it to sound amazing. Right? Note this:

  • Placing your front speakers next to a wall will slightly increase their bass output. This can improve the sound of smaller, bass-shy satellite speakers, but can muddy the sound of floor-standing speakers. Conversely, bringing speakers out from the wall may lessen their bass response but improve clarity.
  • A room with too many reflective surfaces, like windows or tile, can add harshness to the sound that  makes it too bright. Adding carpet, rugs, or curtains can help your system sound more natural.

Unfortunately, there lots of variables in your room to be able to account for them all. But you are in luck, most newer receivers come with automatic calibration.

How in the world does calibration work? Well,  it uses a microphone to record and measure test tones played through the speakers. The time it takes for the sound to reach the microphone, along with the strength of the sound and other factors, tells your receiver what kind of speakers you have, their placement in relation to your listening position, and how the sound they produce reacts in your particular room. The receiver can then make adjustments to ensure that you get the best sound in your room.

I hope this helps get you started with your home theater. You can calibrate and install yourself, or use a professional.

One reason we have a low voltage license is for home theater. We love it! If you try it yourself and have questions call us, 912.871.7332. Or, if you don’t even want to bother with doing it yourself – let us take care of the hassel.

We will have your speakerboxes in top sound for the shape of your room!


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