Get it, boys!

Team redbpower!, originally uploaded by red b power.

This picture is of Brian and Denny…from the other night on the set of Extreme Home Makeover Savannah Edition. Today, Brian wrangled his awesome crew. They left the office before the sun came up!! There is only one day left before the Simpson’s come home! That Therapy room is going to be awesome. YEE HAW.

Day 4 is here…that means the party is on, the cylinders are in over drive and we are rockin; and rollin’ y’all!

redbpower Extreme Home Makeover team is made up of an enthusiatic, charasmatic modge-podge of amazingly talented people:  Brad Tygart, Brandon Stewart, Denny Hulsey, Matt Hendrix, Jesse Hopkins, Craig Boozer, Megan Michelle, Megan Hulsey, and Christy Hulsey.


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2 responses to “Get it, boys!

  • amanda

    So excited for you guys!!! can’t wait to see the reveal on tv! keep us posted!

    • redbpower

      Thanks, Amanda! We are exicted, too. Get ready to ball your eyes out! The Therepy Room was the best place to have a project. So emotional! Thanks for your support and enthusiasm. You are the greatest fan a little company can have!!!

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