Christmas Lighting Tips

Vintage Xmas Lights, originally uploaded by frippy.
Dusted off to be reused and freshly unpacked from a new box, our dazzling lights are in hand, ready to spickle sparkle with holiday cheer. Now, what do we do with these?
Gregg Brannen, who oversees the huge shimmering show at Calloway Gardens shares a quick list of Expert Lighting Tips with Southern Living. I would say he is a virtuoso, a good person to listen to…the Fantasy in Lights has over 8,000,000 lights and uses over 3,500 extension cords. HOLY MOLY!
Gregg only offers a few tips. “If you use Christmas lights in your yard, you want to pick a theme and stick to it,” Rachel Crumbly (who is the Calloway Gardens public relations manager) adds according to WTOC. “Don’t do overkill. Don’t do too much. You want to be tasteful, classic,” she says. We can’t agree more.
Bet you have your own tips. Let us know.  We would love to know your tips for hanging these lights!
Good luck. We hope your show is glimmering with panache!
*And, here is a Guide to Tacky Christmas Decorations. Cute read.

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