Electric Fireplace Save Money

Electric Fireplaces Are Easy To Install And Cost Efficient Too

Is your inner ski bunny ready to come in and hibernate? We believe it – especially with the unusually frigid temperatures this South Georgia this December. Brrr…

We tend to get a lot of questions about electric fireplaces when the temperature drops. The inquiry list is up to par this year. 

So, here is what we know. First, you can purchase them at LA Waters,  Lowe’s and Home Depo among other local or online outlets.

Upon selecting your favorite style (there are tons – modern, classic, traditional), it is time to to install. Installation is relatively easy. In fact, it doesn’t require an electrician. You can probably do it yourself with the instructions provided from the manufacturer.

A nice characteristic about EF  is they fit into almost any room accenting plan including apartments, new homes and even offices. They definitely up the charm factor. You can’t beat the cheerful character of a fireplace!

Another great attribute is they are easy on the budget. The insert sets cost about 3 cents an hour to operate without the heating unit being turned on and 12 cents an hour with the heating unit on.

Because electric fireplaces are versatile, pretty, and easy to install – plus, the cost of using them is inexpensive –  they make a perfect choice for people interested in saving money on their monthly utility bills while staying cozy and keeping their house beautiful!

Here little bunny…grab the remote control and come warm yourself by the ambiance of the electric fireplace!  

Fireplace Lowdown tells you about the costs involved and here is an article that gives instructions on installation. The units will typically come with an instruction manual.

M28-JW02 OR MR28-JW02, originally uploaded by Sonia.Zhou. Top picture from Suidoo.


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