What is in an electricians tool bag?

So, what are the tools of the trade. What is in the electrician’s bag???
Side cutting pliers and needle nose pliers are two of the most common tools that an electrician needs. Screwdrivers and nut drivers are needed to work with fasteners and applications. Wire strippers are very handy, too. They are used to strip electrical wires, which means they are essential! Fish tapes are great for working around live circuits and for everyday use of long and short runs. Fish poles are a wire installation tool for pulling wire through places like down walls, drop ceilings, and under raised floors. Measuring devices are tools like a measuring tape. We use measuring tape all the time to make simple measurements.

Labeling machines are also in the bag. They allow us to properly label work at installation. This saves time. We also use lightweight small power tools because they are safe and easy. The most used power tools for a electrician are saws and drills.  The type of drill needed depends on the job being done and the material the drill is used upon. Saws are another regularly used item.

Just like drills the type of power saw needed depends on the job. Reciprocating saws are very popular because they are handheld and easy to use. Spiral saws are also used and are a lot like reciprocating saws in the tasks that they perform.

Other kinds of saws used for electrical work are cut off saws, portable band saws and hole saws. Tools have come a long way in the last few years. They are made better and offer a more comfortable feel and grip to the user. Despite their new lightweight they are as powerful as before. They are cordless and more convenient. 

A man is only as good as his tools. In fact, we could not do with out them. Tools allow us to perform their job duties quickly, safely and efficiently.
Now you know, what is in the bag. Get your tool belt loaded up. And, get ready to power your performance!

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