A Perfect Fit

This narrow lap pool is built right up close to the home's back doors to accomodate the small backyard space.

Photo by Jean Allsopp

Why We Love It: These homeowners had to get creative when adding a pool to the ieency backyard. They actually joined it to the house’s foundation. It is especially cool that folding doors in the family room slide back to reveal the water’s edge. 

If you want a pool but don’t have the room. Take cues from this scene―just MAKE ROOM! The narrow lap pool adds visual length to the backyard, and the hedge wall adds greenery without wasting space. Be sure to check property lines and building codes, which can define the pool’s shape, design, and placement.

This cool pool idea was spotted in  Coastal Living.  

redbpower offers an assortment of help with backyard pools and hot tubs in big and small spaces. We can assist with anything from lighting to electrical installation of timers and thermostats, plus a whole lot more.


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