ChristmasTree Inspiration

House Beautiful

photo courtesy of House Beautiful via New England Home Magazine

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most personal touches you can do to a home.

Some have themes while other timbers are refreshed with new ornaments each year.

 Some trees are hung impromptu by children – then others are draped with decor after a detailed plan.

Some trees enjoy music as their bows are adorned while others listen quietly to the sighs, ooo’s and ahh’s as the designer gasps aloud.

 No matter the tradition or the activity that occurs one thing is certain – it can be a baffling even a brow beating task.  In fact, we get a lot of requests for help with decorations each year. Our expertise only lies in the electrical compliments to holiday bedecking .  We, do,  love helping with this component of the tree trimming – but, don’t have a clue whether to use the sparkling Angel Heirloom or the child contructed star. 

It all looks great to us!

Is your tree spangled and trimmed? That is what we would like to know. New England Home Magazine has a post that put us in the holiday spirit. We hope it does you, too.

Happy decorating!


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