Happy Birthday, Electric Car

We join in the electrial socket serenade as the Nissan LEAF turns 1 year old.  Happy Birrrthday! It’s a time for electricity to celebrate, like in this spot for Nissan. Sockets all over a house singing away.

An electrial outlet choir? Yes. It is unconventional… even a bit odd. But, we have to admit it is cute rendition by outlets of all kinds: young, old, interior, exterior, and even one night light plugged in. Our only complaint is all the outlets are 110 volts, which would be an unlikely choice to charge a hatchback. It would take almost a day!

 Charge times aside, we included the video for you to see. Feel free to sing along. Congratulations to the world’s first 100% electric car.  LEAF owners have given the world over 32 million gas-free, pure electric miles this year.  

Happy birthday, LEAF.


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