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have a lovely.




Have a lovely weekend.
Oh! and speaking of lovely, check out this really cool old soul of a house, if you haven’t already. you can just feel the pride in this elegant old man of a manse.

The Camera

This film is quiescent, peaceful, uncluttered, beautifully shot, and gorgeously edited.  Plus, it’s a great story. Entirely shot within a budget 50 dollars (including props).

The Camera (short film / original score) from Peter Lewis on Vimeo.

“… this is my first film. I made it because I love all the different aspects of moviemaking, because I was tired of my fear of failure, and because I wanted to see what would happen if I just finished one.” – Peter Lewis

He speaks of overcoming his fear of failure in this interview. His wisdom and words are inspiring.

Swarovski Crystal Drop Chandelier

large burnished hand-wrought iron chandelier with Swarovski crystal drops

Great light sources, chandeliers can really make a room shine… like this large burnished hand-wrought iron chandelier with Swarovski crystal drops.

Electrical Outlet. Love.

Pop- up Electrical Outlet eclectic kitchen

Don’t want to junk up a gorgeous back splash? Here is the answer! The pop up electrical outlet is a fantastic option for limited wall space and clean looks.

Our only caution: put them in a place that is clean. Avoid areas prawn to spills… gunk will build up around them to create an unsafe and not-very-pretty situation.  Another creative spot: outlet strips hidden at the back of the under side of the upper cabinets. Does that make sense? Anyway, we are fans of the pop up electrical outlets. And, we love this picture. It is included in Brian’s Houzz Idea Book.

Very Nice.

Happy Birthday, Electric Car

We join in the electrial socket serenade as the Nissan LEAF turns 1 year old.  Happy Birrrthday! It’s a time for electricity to celebrate, like in this spot for Nissan. Sockets all over a house singing away.

An electrial outlet choir? Yes. It is unconventional… even a bit odd. But, we have to admit it is cute rendition by outlets of all kinds: young, old, interior, exterior, and even one night light plugged in. Our only complaint is all the outlets are 110 volts, which would be an unlikely choice to charge a hatchback. It would take almost a day!

 Charge times aside, we included the video for you to see. Feel free to sing along. Congratulations to the world’s first 100% electric car.  LEAF owners have given the world over 32 million gas-free, pure electric miles this year.  

Happy birthday, LEAF.

Fun. Feather. Chandelier. Heaven.

Surprising electricians with an outrageous lighting element is like amazing the mailman with a stamp. It is hard to do.
This whimsical piece posted in instagram is a marvel of wonderment, though. Wow. What a creation.