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 photo of the Thomas Edison Electric Light Company from Business Week

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison.

Okay, so were not usually a re-quoter. In fact, I don’t think we have ever used one on the redbpower Facebook page or Twitter. But, have you seen Edison’s  beautiful, industrial lab where, in fact, the light bulb was invented? I skimmed through some articles and found some pretty amazing stuff that applies to the process of design and to business, actually the process of really anything worthwhile.

photo from here

And, back to the lab. It is such cool place… especially knowing that it provided a space for intelligence + creativity to manifest itself, makes it that much more a thing of beauty.

And, now… back to your regularly scheduled Friday. Hoping it’s a good one!


make YO MAMA happy!!

don’t forget to make YO MAMA happy!!! cuz ya know . . . if mama ain’t happy. . ain’t NOBODY happY!!! preorder your gift certificates now! somebody’s gotta hang the light, put up the TV, hide the cord, hook up the coMputER!!

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have a groovy weekend!

the temperature is creeping up here in the sunny South!
it’s beginning to look a lot like beach season

boating, beaching, and the backyard…i think those are my fav things about living down south.

hope you all get out & enjoy the outdoors this weekend, too!
see ya there!

– redbpower

True That!


Filthy Work: Electrical Contracting


Filthy Work: Electrical Contracting.

Popcorn. Wine. Movie!

photo from flickr
Popcorn. Wine. These these two elements make a great night.
Add a movie. Viola!
photo from sheknows
Hunker down. Get cozy with the one.  you.  love. on the couch, in the bedroom, on the porch — wherever your television is set and speakers positioned. Pick a romantic DVD, like the Notebook or You’ve Got Mail And, the night just escalated from standard to steamy.
Speaking of Valentines Day, we well, honestly…need help in the movie selection department. Do yo have suggestions? We should make a romantic movie list! Let’s do it! What is your suggestion?
redbpower Company, offers sound, video, and electrical solutions throughout the Georgia and South Carolina low country,  offers an array of  installation services from mounting televisions, to integrating speakers, to relocating electrical outlets our installers can help you through every step of the way.  We can even help you pick out the best television system. We would love to help make this the perfect Valentine’s Day! Our technicians can be reached at the redbpower line: 912.871.7332.

LigHT Up HIS eYEs this Valentine’s Day


There are lots of ideas for men for Valentines Day.  In fact,   has listed top 8 gifts to give a man. It offers a pretty good outline for cupid. If you want to check it out, go here.

We like all of Susan’s suggestions as we are especially fond of #6. No other gifts will light up a man’s eyes like a new flat screen HD TV monitor. We took a poll of three men we in our office (that’s Brian, Denny & Brandon). And, the verdict is 100%, “YES. This would be a great!” As a gift, professional installation is completely an absolute must. Your man has to have the best television viewing — aside from when he’s admiring you, of course.

Good luck picking out Valentines for your favorite man. Let us know what you find!

photo from flickr