Filthy Work: Electrical Contracting


Filthy Work: Electrical Contracting.


Swarovski Crystal Drop Chandelier

large burnished hand-wrought iron chandelier with Swarovski crystal drops

Great light sources, chandeliers can really make a room shine… like this large burnished hand-wrought iron chandelier with Swarovski crystal drops.

Popcorn. Wine. Movie!

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Popcorn. Wine. These these two elements make a great night.
Add a movie. Viola!
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Hunker down. Get cozy with the one.  you.  love. on the couch, in the bedroom, on the porch — wherever your television is set and speakers positioned. Pick a romantic DVD, like the Notebook or You’ve Got Mail And, the night just escalated from standard to steamy.
Speaking of Valentines Day, we well, honestly…need help in the movie selection department. Do yo have suggestions? We should make a romantic movie list! Let’s do it! What is your suggestion?
redbpower Company, offers sound, video, and electrical solutions throughout the Georgia and South Carolina low country,  offers an array of  installation services from mounting televisions, to integrating speakers, to relocating electrical outlets our installers can help you through every step of the way.  We can even help you pick out the best television system. We would love to help make this the perfect Valentine’s Day! Our technicians can be reached at the redbpower line: 912.871.7332.


Most people know that hot tubs are fun, relaxing and look great in your house! But, did you know that they are good for you? Studies show that a spa bath can improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, ease muscle and arthritis pain – not to mention the social benefits.

Furthermore, a hot tub increases your house resale value… that means it is an investment you can enjoy every day, year-round.

At redbpower Company, we offer hot tub installation and add ons, like waterproof sound systems and TVs.

A hot tub is hands-down one of the best luxury for price investments, but choosing the wrong company to install it can cost you in expenses and workmanship quality. So, trust us for prompt, reliable and honest-to-goodness service on every job.

For more information or to receive a hot tub and spa consultation, please contact redbpower redb@redbpower or 912.871.ReDB.

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LigHT Up HIS eYEs this Valentine’s Day


There are lots of ideas for men for Valentines Day.  In fact,   has listed top 8 gifts to give a man. It offers a pretty good outline for cupid. If you want to check it out, go here.

We like all of Susan’s suggestions as we are especially fond of #6. No other gifts will light up a man’s eyes like a new flat screen HD TV monitor. We took a poll of three men we in our office (that’s Brian, Denny & Brandon). And, the verdict is 100%, “YES. This would be a great!” As a gift, professional installation is completely an absolute must. Your man has to have the best television viewing — aside from when he’s admiring you, of course.

Good luck picking out Valentines for your favorite man. Let us know what you find!

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eastbound & down.

our latest workin’ roadtrip is taking us eastbound & down. to the deep southern coast. to the land of grits, good bbq, fresh-right-off-the-boat seafood and southern, beachside hospitality and charm.

heeellllo, st. simons. redbpower is in town.

the plan was to dip in for the famous island bbq after a long day of outdoor electrical work. but, there were too many diners.  it was packed in there. the work day was especially long. waiting… wasn’t for us. we took our hankering, ravenous starving stomachs to bennys

photo from flickr

yum.  we ate great food. need to pause for a moment to reflect… fresh giant slab of steak, soft-enough-to-melt-in-your-mouth bake potato. simple to the palate. unsophisticated in its elegance.

amen and hallelujah! honey hush!

mama, it was good.

we have been working hard. and, it’s hard to be away from home. however, the unbelievable southern hospitality of the coastal south that is present at every stop make it great. the salty sea air that fills up every breath and the exceptionally warm january, summer-like sun shines that shines everywhere makes it appealing, too.

we’re having good times in the good ol’ roving white redbpower work truck.

Houses Without Smoke Alarms


According to the National Fire Prevention Association, more than half the deaths resulting from fires occur in the five percent of the houses without smoke alarms. And in 25 percent of the reported home fires, NFPA says the alarms failed to operate.

Call a redbpower certified electrician to inspect your smoke and fire alarm system. It is an quick, inexpensive service that provides confidence that is priceless and safety that is critical. It can save your life. And, we aren’t exaggerating. A local family of six just lost four members of their family in a house fire including a mother, father and two children. They didn’t have a a smoke alarm.

*The photo compliments go to Ben Hughs. It is a picture of a fire at Oglethorpe & Bull in Savannah, Georgia.